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Post-Game briefing

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Post-Game briefing

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:12 pm

Awesome raid was Awesome.

Very good raid, nice temperature, people was happy and very receptive toward us.

- The ''crazy woman'' cheering for us and flipping off scientologists in their store window,
- Seeing the storewindow curtain free since a very long time
- Dancing in front of the org
- Eaterofcake's Hypnocaeks,
- people who were ex-scions and some scientology critics coming to us and sharing their knowledge of cults in general to us,
-no hobos stealing our food,
-Police officiers who were very nice and cool with us (I was very surprised about it),
-cops also not giving a fuck about scions complaints about us since we went through the proper channels for the legality of the protest
- Spotting Rooster with ponytails XD
- Seeing EaterofCake with the THETANS (gentleman) sign in front of the scientology storewindow and being ackwardly stared at
- Another scion-bullbaiter confirming to NRR that XENU EXISTS IN OTIII
- Discussing in the round table meeting about Major Boyle and also,
- '' Show me your genitals '' and the traumatised face of those who were not aware of ''that''

-Fail scion bullbait was fail
-Seeing kids in the org (knowing they'll be raised as lil hubbards)
-I wasn't able to prove how moronic I am cause I coudn't do the idiot test yet
-Not having money to go to afterparty :(


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