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Help me spread CoS around Wikipedia

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Help me spread CoS around Wikipedia

Post by MNetAvecLunetteFumee on Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:17 pm

Hi, I need some help here : I was doing some search about CoS and I found a problem on wikipedia : it is about Maurice Strong.

In the french version, it is written that he is in CoS, in the english version, it is not written. I wanted to know if he was or not a member. On bing when I searched his name and church of scientology , the 6th link sent me on the NY CoS (I would not go there without a proxy). There I clicked on his name on the left of the page and there were a description of a speach he gave in a CoS meeting (Ididn't read it completely). Now I would like to add a link on wikipedia, to expose his CoS speech (and relashionship at the same time), but I don't know the site well enough to make a nice post.

I heard that Maurice Strong was ''the boss'' of Paul Desmarais. I don't know if is true. Well if you can help me to update wikipedia so that more people can see how much the CoS problem is big, Thank You.
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Re: Help me spread CoS around Wikipedia

Post by Guy_Fox on Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:52 pm

hard to say, I can't see him on the scientology completions list, but:

- he's a sci supporter / apologist
- he publicly comes up with ridiculous, even insane conspiracy theories about the current establishment

He just *might* be one, but keeping it secret, like Will Smith for a long while. If it quacks like a duck... you know the rest. The Suppressive Person Defence League lists him as a "collaborator".

A scientology shill is even worse than a real scientologist. The latter is a victim that needs to be rescued. The former is... an asshole, a total idiot, or both.

oh, and I'll just leave this here:

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